The BAD BAD Apples – Encouraging YOU to Build And Develop your Dreams in creative ways!

We offer tailored experiences that challenge individuals to experience success in their personal and professional lives.

Our message is simple and clear, "Being B.A.D. is the key to achieving your dreams!" You must have the Belief, Action and Determination to Build And Develop your Dreams!

We would like to assist you or your organization with an upcoming Event, Orientation Program, Leadership Retreat, Conference Keynote, Fundraiser, Convention or Team Building Activity.


Frank Kitchen

Author, coach, educator, entertainer, entrepreneur; Frank Kitchen is a living breathing audio-visual aid for personal and professional development. He has presented keynotes and educational sessions around the globe. Click here to find out more.


Rodger Campbell

Gathering experience from a rich diversity of positions and background, Rodger Campbell brings his unique slant on leadership, relationships and personal development. Click here to find out more.